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May 21st
8:29 PM

TREDONE Church Involvement: Journey of Learning

One of the major requirements of TREDONE was to render 10 hours of service in your Parish/Church for you to pass this course. I rendered my service in a St. Pancratius Parish, the Parish where our Chapel belongs. Here are the things that I learned and realized throughout those 5 weeks of service!


Church involvement is not new for me. Back when I was in 4th year high school, Church Involvement is a part of the Civic Welfare Training Program of our school. Prior to the day I started my Church Involvement, I went to our Parish to ask for their permission if I could render 10 hours of Church Involvement and luckily our Parish accepts students who will serve the Church. I was assigned to be a Clinic Volunteer for the first week. The Clinic Head briefed me on what should I do like what to write on the patients’ information sheet, on how would I get their weight, height, temperature, and the history of their condition and the like. The Clinic head informed me about the different activities and programs the clinic is giving their parishioners every week like every 3rd Sunday of the month there is a Dental Mission. When I went to the medicines’ storage area, there were very few medicines on the closet. The clinic head told me that the government is not consistent in providing medicines and medical supplies for their clinic. I think they should not solely base the supplies of the medicines on the government, but they, too, should also do their part and understand that their clinic is only one of the thousands of clinics our country have. Good thing, a person with a good heart donated medicines to the clinic that somehow gave life to the storage area. With the patients I handled, most of them were children who have colds and cough. This made me realize how health is important for us and the need of our countrymen the access to free and quality healthcare. For the second up to the fourth week, I was tasked to be in the Educational Assistance Program of the Parish that allowed me to share the knowledge and skills I have with the kids. The second week was special to me because I was assigned to teach an old woman that despite her age she wanted to learn the basics of mathematics, reading and writing. Before I started teaching her, she told me the back-story why she would like to study. The reason is that she, together with her business partner, had a growing business but, sadly, her business partner deceived her. She already knew how to count and how to read a letter but she’s having a hard time reading words. I taught her how to read the words but still, with the limited time, I was not able to teach her that much. I salute her for her desire to know the basics of school things despite of age. I agree with the cliché saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” which greatly depicts the pursuance of the old woman to learn. No barriers will be a hindrance if one strongly believes in the power and capabilities one has. On the next few weeks, just what I did in our home-based tutorial in our NSTP - CWTS, I taught the kids who are on the Primary and Secondary Education. When they attend the Educational Assistance Program, they are given P100 for Grade School students while P150 for the High School Students. The money given to them is, really, a big help for the student and their family but sadly some of them are not attending the Educational Assistance Program every Sunday. Most of them are having a hard time understanding Math. For example they saw a big number in the equation, they will immediately say “Ang hirap naman nito, Kuya.” On my part, as much as I want to give them easy problems and equations, I want them to realize that they really need to go through that part in order for them to learn, for them to realize that they should experience hardships in order for the to gain the success they are aiming for, which I hope they learned from me.